From-scratch adventures

The idea is that you let us know what you would like to do (how much you want to walk, what kind of terrain, degree of difficulty, eating preferences, accommodation preferences…) and with these building blocks we can organize your own personal adventure for you, totally from scratch. You give us the what and we take care of the how, putting together a program that reflects as much as possible your specific requests.

Unplanned adventures

I spend most of my time rambling, climbing, sleeping in the mountains. And most of the time I do not have a clear idea of what I am going to do: I pick a spot on the map, then I take a look at the horizon, choose a place to go, and I go. It’s only natural, simple, a “go with the flow” feeling. Each evening, under the Milky Way and with my mug of hot tea, I decide what to do the morning after, so I do every day what I feel like.

These are our most adventurous hikes, perfect for the free spirits among our clients. All you need to let me know is your desired level and a little bit about your preferences. I’ll take a good look at the weather conditions, and I’ll take you somewhere great. Think of it like the hiking equivalent of the chef’s menu.

Would you like to join me for something like that? Get in touch with me and we’ll take off for our expedition.

Why should you decide in advance how you are going to feel several weeks later?

What are you waiting for?